The COVID-19 pandemic has brought rampant racial and income inequalities to light while also exposing deep societal fragmentations. Now is the time to introduce new social contracts that will guarantee a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all before these problems get even worse.

The case for a UBI is a simple one. In the ideal scenario, a UBI would pay a tax free and unconditional basic monthly income to every individual as a human right — irrespective of how much they earned or their work status. It would aim to replace social security programs that often have a heavy reliance…

It is crucial to note that the upheavals in much of Africa after the Berlin Wall was torn down in November 1989 have been referred to as a second independence and rebirth — and the anticolonial movement in the 1960s, which first granted many African countries independence from European colonial powers, was inspired and nurtured by the most quintessential democratic principle that is often omnipresent in any liberal democracy: the people should rule themselves through governments of their own choosing, and this government should treat all people equally under the rule of law.

Unfortunately, about a decade after, forms of…

The Democratic Republic of the Sudan is the largest but least known of the MENA countries . It’s size and substantial economic potential have been obscured by endless conflicts in the region — but in 2020, Sudan’s moral and democratic innovations have been brought to light in the aftermath of Omar al-Bashir’s overthrow in 2019. Mr. al-Bashir has ruled since 1989, and it was massive street protests that disrupted his brutal rule.

At the time of the Turco-Egyptian conquest, Sudan was divided into several small Muslim states and a number of tribal territories where primitive communal economic and social relations…

Algeria has a long and rich history ­- and it is heavily intertwined with French colonial rule. On Friday, August 26, 1881, the French government, led by arch colonist’s Jules Ferry, announced a momentous step to the National Assembly [1]. Algeria would be administratered as an integral part of France under the Third Republic’s 1875 constitution.

At the dawn of the 20th century, Algeria was a country ravaged by two conflicts [2]. The first conflict took place in the countries colonial period. Algeria’s famous war with France took place between 1954 and 1962 — and its purpose was emancipation from…

According to Freedom House, democracy in 2020 is in retreat. China, a beacon for political repression — has one of the fastest growing economies on earth, and many are looking to the China modeling and are questioning the inherent worth of liberal democracy. Today, despite the country’s strong economy, there is a political crisis in Hong Kong, internet surveillance and government persecution of predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities in Xinjiang [1]. The authorities in the country have also been continuing a years-long crackdown on independent civil society.

China has always prioritized development over human rights at home and on the world…

In the post-colonial period, there are many problems facing modern African societies. Rampant corruption and malnourished political institutions yield a poor atmosphere for economic development. Another crucial problem in contemporary African societies is a general disregard for fundamental human rights. Thankfully, Africa has been generally improving in this regard, and this gives one hope for Africa’s limitless economic and political potential for future generations.

In terms of development, the last three decades have shown African economies stagnating or regressing — and for most Africans, real incomes are lower than they were two decades ago, health prospects are poorer, malnourishment is…


The days go by

The days go by

And I ask myself

Am I Arabic?

Am I European?

Am I White?

Am I Black?

I am African

My ancestors built the pyramids

I am African

From the North to the South

I am African

From the inside and out

I am African

I can’t hide it anymore

I am African

Where else am I supposed to go?

Africa, I love you Africa

Africa, From New York to Congo, From Chicago to Cairo

Africa, we all come from Africa, we all must go to Africa

Im going to be buried in…

Internationally acclaimed Turkish Auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan has truly mastered the art of slow, poetic and metaphysical cinema that Russian Auteur Andrei Tarkovsky started. At Cannes Film Festival, Ceylan has won a variety of awards, including: the Grand Prix in 2003 for Uzak, the Fipresci prize for Climates in 2006, Best Director for Three Monkeys in 2008, the Grand Prix for Once Upon a Time In Anatolia in 2011, and the Palme d’Or for Winter Sleep in 2014.

Like Iranian Auteur Abbas Kiarostami, Ceylan’s slow and minimalist cinematic approach avoids complex plots and focuses on life itself. By doing this…

Minneapolis once seemed like a beacon for liberalism and The American Dream. New racial and economic realities have put all of this into question. The city now has to grapple with these realties and reimagine itself.

Minneapolis is known for its numerous bike lanes, well-maintained parks, vibrant night life and overall high quality of life, but census data tells an entirely different story. The stark racial inequalities in the City of Lakes has become especially omnipresent after the of George Floyd by a white officer for the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25th.

Minneapolis was once for mixing affordability, opportunity, wealth and diversity. Before this year, the city was well for its business freedom, robust economy, environmental quality and tolerance.

After the killing of Mr. Floyd, parts of the city were quite literally lit on fire…

Jacques Derrida’s (1930–2004) theory of deconstruction seamlessly complements the Postmodern Philosophical ethos of the late 1960s onwards. Indeed, Deconstruction shares the Postmodern skepticism of traditional forms of artistic, aesthetic, cultural, ideological and political expressions and criticisms. Derridean Deconstruction and Postmodern Philosophy both seek to debunk and deconstruct outdated notions, thus creating a new cultural logic that better fits the ethos of late capitalism.

When dissecting Derridean Deconstruction, it is vital to note its philosophical differences with Structuralism and Poststructuralism. To expand, Claude Levi Strauss’s notion of Structuralism functions as a Science designed to show that all elements of human culture…

Baher Hussein

Baher Hussein is a Freelance Writer

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