The Death of Truth

Has truth died? Are we in an era of post truth? Has our ability to reason died?

With the rise of digital culture — phenomenon such as fake news and the rise of digital dictatorships have posed new challenges.

No longer is inquiry, reasoning and truth important in our political discourse. Instead, we have become a nation of angry, unreasonable and dogmatic partisans.

It turns out that we are “political animals” — not in the Aristotelian sense — but in the sense that we no longer reason as humans in our political discourse. We have become primitive and tribal — just like animals.

Unfortunately, we no longer care about enlightenment principles such as reason and truth that made current day Western civilization possible. Information and complex discourse’s have been condensed into 140 characters known as tweets.

Our political divisions have caused the formation of echo chamber’s that lead to dogmatic partisanship. No longer do we use facts, reason or scholarship to construct the best possible arguments. Instead, we have appealed to ideology and emotion over reason, scholarship and truth.

In the final analysis, we are in an era of complete stupidity. Our own President is bringing us to a so called “post truth” and “alternative facts” era — and this ideology will lead our nation to a certain stupid and dogmatic subjectivity about vital political and moral questions.

Our opportunist President has no ethics and no conception of truth and reason. He is concerned about brainwashing, tribalism, power and ideology as opposed to the advancement of our human civilization. On the radical left, the postmodern approach of their being no truth and that truth is irrelevant is preposterous.

Democrat representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said in an interview that “I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right”.

I would tell Cortez that being factually correct is being morally right — and truth and morality are not at odds but are intertwined. Jamal Khashoggi’s murder by the tyrants of the House of Saud is an example of how important the truth is — and just how noble of a pursuit it is.



Baher Hussein is a Freelance Writer

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